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Sustainable expansion of low environmental impact sources, such as wind and solar energy, is of great relevance for the future of renewables

15 de maio de 2017
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ABEEOLICA | Brazilian Wind Energy Association to attend the 6th edition of EnerSolar + Brazil | International Fair of Technologies for Solar Energy, one of the most important events that happen in the sector of renewable energies and that will be held from May 23 to 25, 2017, in the São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo, to spread information, knowledge and develop relations with the professionals and companies of the sector. The ABEEOLICA Executive President, Elbia Gannoum comments that in a scenario of climate change, discussing the sustainable expansion of sources of low environmental impact, such as wind and solar energy, is not only desirable, but essential. “This is a revolution that is no longer in the future, it is happening now, in our backyards, roofs, in more than 430 wind farms generating energy in Brazil. Enabling ways for this revolution to continue is our primary goal at this time. In this context, events like EnerSolar + Brazil are of great relevance for the future of renewable energies”.

The favorable situation of the wind industry can be explained by the excellent quality of the Brazilian wind and also by the strong investment of the companies that in the last five years have built a national productive chain to sustain the commitments assumed and the enormous growth potential of this energy source, which many believe to be the future.

The wind power potential in Brazil is around 500 GW, much more than the country currently consumes. Considering that the electricity generation matrix must be diversified among the other generation sources and Brazil has a low per capita electricity consumption, wind energy in Brazil still has many decades of development.

Brazil currently has 10.8 GW of installed wind capacity, occupying 7% of its headquarters, in more than 430 parks. What is forecast up to 2020 (18GW) refers to contracts already signed from previous auctions and also some free market contracts. With the realization of new auctions and the passage of time, more capacity should be added for the next few years. With new auctions the prospects are to reach 2020 representing 12% of the matrix and, in 2030, 20 to 25% of the matrix.

“It is also important to mention the benefits of wind power, which has minimal impacts on the environment and local communities: it does not emit CO2 in its operation and wind energy allows other activities to be developed in the same places where the towers are,” Elbia concludes.   

Challenges and opportunities for wind energy in Brazil

One of the most important issues related to this topic is the agility of growth of low impact renewable energies x the speed to expand transmission lines. It is necessary to have in fact the transmission capacity in order to be able to continue growing with low-impact renewable energies, as is the case with wind power.

Another important challenge concerns demand. As Brazil is facing economic and political turmoil, we are also facing a debate on demand. Contrary to what has been argued, it is necessary to contract low-cost reserve energy, which is the case with wind farms. There is a mistaken and shallow understanding that hiring reserve power will burden the consumer when the truth is the opposite. Without reserve wind, if necessary we will have to trigger the expensive thermals. A Reserve Auction, if carried out quickly, can soften this issue and prevent increases in the consumer’s account. The point is that wind energy has been fundamental in recent years for the Brazilian national system and the industry was able to build an efficient productive chain with high investments. The contracting of at least 2 GWs of wind energy per year is fundamental to give a signal of investment and safety for the entire productive chain, besides being essential to achieve the goals that Brazil signed at the COP. So, by 2017, demand will be a major issue. It will be a year in which the Brazilian government will have to take important strategic measures and act in a clear way to maintain the productive chain of wind energy and show its commitment to the climatic issues. There is great insecurity among the companies in the production chain and the government will have to give clear signals for the wind industry to continue growing in the country.

More Information: www.enersolarbrasil.com.br


6th EnerSolar + Brazil | International Fair of Technologies for Solar Energy
Date: May 23 to 25, 2017, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Location: São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
Address: Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Km 1,5 – São Paulo – SP – Brazil
Free Transportation: Rua Nelson Fernandes, 450 – Access by the Jabaquara Bus Terminal
* Free Event for Sector Professionals
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